Fantasy Mouguls

March 7, 2008
Found this today … it is like an old game that i used to play @ college called popex .. don’t know if you remember it, but it was a music style stock exchange where you could buy artists and get money for how well they were performing that week. To be honest, it was pretty addictive and was a hell of a lot better than doing college work 🙂
This game is called Fantasy Moguls, i will let them tell you what its about as i can’t be bothered to write much more …
Fantasy Moguls lets you create your own fantasy movie studio with a slate of real-life movies! As those movies perform well in the real world, so does your fantasy studio. Play against or with your friends as fellow moguls, and meet a community of fellow movie lovers. It’s like fantasy baseball or football, except for movies!Interested in playing? Create a studio now!
Check out my Fantasy Moguls movie slate!
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How to Play


In Box Office Moguls, the winner is the studio whose slate of films makes the most money in total domestic box office by the end of the season.

In Ultimate Movie Moguls, the winner is the studio whose slate of films performs the best in four categories — total domestic box office, per theater average (PTA), IMDb user review score and placing in the weekly top five chart — by the end of the season.

More details on scoring and the Ultimate Movie Moguls categories can be found in the Scoring section below.

Your studio has a budget of $100, which you’ll use to select up to eight movies to fill out your studio slate. Movie prices are based on their projected real-world performances — A top-grossing movie like Spider-Man 3 will cost a healthy chunk of your budget, while a limited-release independent film could be a bargain. You can buy any combination of up to eight movies that will fit under your budget.

You can play against friends in a private league of up to 50 other studios, or make new friends by playing in one or more public groups.

You can also play without joining a league. Just select your slate of up to eight movies and enjoy tracking your studio’s performance on its own or against the whole universe of Fantasy Moguls players.

Seasons last three months each, and a new season kicks off the first weekend of each month. Sign-ups for each season begin two weeks before the season starts, and you can even start playing after a season has begun. (But, if you join a season after it starts, you won’t be able to add any movies to your slate that have already been released.)

Changing your slate
Say you change your mind about the prospects for one of your movies, or you find a better bargain on another flick, or one of your movies’ release date unexpectedly gets pushed out. You can add or drop movies from your slate, but only movies that haven’t been released yet. Once a movie on your slate has been released, it’s on your slate for the remainder of the season.

The deadline for adding or dropping a movie is 12:01 a.m. PT on the date of the movie’s release.


Box Office Moguls
Every dollar earned at the U.S. and Canadian box office by the movies on your studio slate counts toward your studio’s total. For example, if you have one movie released with a box office total of $100 million, and a second movie released that’s made $50 million, your studio’s total at that point is $150 million.

The goal is to have the highest total box office in your league or group at the end of the season.

Movies are only credited with box office totals during the season itself. If one or more of your movies is still in theaters beyond the last day of the season, your studio will only get credit for box office earned by those movies before the season end date. Be sure to check release dates carefully — and often — because sometimes they change!

Ultimate Movie Moguls
Your studio slate is scored in four categories:

Box Office – Total U.S. and Canadian box office returns.

Per Theater Average (PTA) – Total gross box office returns in the U.S. and Canada, divided by the number of theaters the movie played in. Points are awarded to the top five PTA movies each week, with five points for having the top weekly PTA, four points for the second-highest PTA, three points for the third-highest PTA, two points for the fourth-highest PTA and one point for the fifth-highest PTA.

IMDb User Review Score – IMDb’s users rank each movie on a one-to-ten scale. Your studio’s total IMDb User Review Score equals the total of the IMDb User Review Scores for all the movies on your slate.

(Note: Only for Ultimate Movie Moguls seasons that started in early May, the IMDb User Review Score is displayed as an average, not a total. The scoring is the same as described above, though, as this average is determined by dividing the total review score by eight, even for studios that have fewer than eight movies on their slates.)

Top 5 – Each week, movies that finish in the top five on that week’s box office chart are awarded points: Five for finishing first for the week, four for second place, three for third, two for fourth and one for fifth. Movies can accumulate Top 5 points over multiple weeks. For example, a movie that finished first in its opening week, third in its second week and fifth in its third week would receive a total of nine Top 5 points (5 + 3 + 1).

Your studio is ranked in each of these four categories from first to last and assigned points based on your position. For example, in an eight-person league, the studio with the highest total Box Office earns eight points, while the studio with the lowest Box Office earns just one point.

As a more detailed example, the category rankings for Box Office might look like this:

Studio Box Office Points Castle Schlock $120M 8
Dreamjerks $115M 7
Imaginary $102M 6
Reel Pictures $100M 5
Warner Sisters $85M 4
Miramoxie $84M 3
Phony Pictures $70M 2
18th Century Fox $35M 1

Total up your points across all four categories to get your studio’s total score. For example, in an eight-person league, if you were first in Box Office (eight points), second in PTA (seven points), last in IMDb User Review Score (one point) and fourth in Top 5 (five points), your total score would be 21 (8 + 7 + 1 + 5). The maximum number of points possible is 32 (8 + 8 + 8 + 8), while the least possible is 4 (1 + 1 + 1 + 1).

Your studio’s score will change throughout the season — A rival studio might have a big release this weekend to take a lead in the Box Office category, but next week your critically-acclaimed new release could give you a bunch of points in the User Review category to re-take the lead. So scores will change throughout the season, and to help you keep track of where you stand, along the way we’ll provide projected season totals so you can see where you’ll place if the projections for your movies hold up. At the end of the season, the studio with the highest total score wins.

Interested in playing? Create a studio now!


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