Justin.TV – Lifecasting ….

March 6, 2008

Right, i have seen some strange things in my life … believe me … but this is one of the weirdest – i think … i can’t quite decide if its wrong or not… so make up your own mind i guess.

Right … um … where do i start, um … Wiki me thinks …

LIFECASTING is a continual broadcast of events in a person’s life through digital media. Typically, lifecasting is transmitted through the medium of the Internet and can involve wearable technology. [1] Lifecasting reverses the concept of surveillance, giving rise to sousveillance through portability, personal experience capture, daily routines and interactive communication with viewers.

Ok… so if you didn’t understand that, then here’s my breakdown … Like PodCasting, where the user broadcasts their voice, music etc using an audio interface, LifeCasting, uses video to broadcast the subject across what ever medium they choose.

Now Years ago i used to broadcast my Decks over the internet via winamp and technically had my own WinAmp radio station that had a total of 30 listeners @ one point. (WOW- i know) but broadcasting your life over the internet to strangers … this seems a little strange to me! – maybe not ….

But it is worth taking a look at… so wander on over to Justin.TV to take a look.

Might sign up at some point … see if anyone is actually interested in the amazing things i get up to during my daily adventures.



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