February 22, 2008

Create Professional-Grade DVD and CD Packages
with the Jewelboxing System.

Includes all this, plus software-specific design templates. Pretty much everything except the disc and your ideas. Check this video to see how it all goes together.
We are professional designers who were unsatisfied with the materials available for packaging our DVDs and CDs. We created Jewelboxing to allow individuals to produce a short-run of high-end packages and to give them the freedom to concentrate on the most important part of the job, the creative. We’ve chosen the Super Jewel Box™ King and Standard cases, created complementary components of the highest quality and made precise design templates for virtually all major design and publishing software programs.

Then, we put it all together so it’s easy and affordable for individuals to create movie and music-sized disc packages that exceed the look and feel of those produced commercially. Among other nice things, MacUser Magazine in the UK said of Jewelboxing, “it’s a remarkably quick and convenient way to create highly professional containers for your projects.”

Better jewel cases.
Much, much better.

Perforated and scored paper inserts, trayliners and disc labels.

Custom, precise software template files for leading design and publishing applications.

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Beyond all that, the sturdy construction, high-quality hinges, and sleek, modern design of the Super Jewel Box™ King and Standard will convince you the moment you hold one in your hands. And that’s guaranteed.

Whenever we hand a client or a friend one of our own CDs or DVDs packaged in a Super Jewel Box case with the Jewelboxing™ System, it takes a while to get to the actual presentation. They pass it around, open it up, turn it over and inside out. They say they’ve never seen a case like this before and, frequently, they ask where we got it or how we made it. That’s why we started Jewelboxing.

As designers we know how much work goes into a presentation, portfolio or showreel. We also receive hundreds of promotional discs at the studio and even if the work inside is terrific, the packaging rarely does the content justice.

Your disc, whether it contains video, photos, music, code or whatever, represents you. It has to stand in for you when an employer, client or jury is evaluating work, and it goes without saying that a good first impression is critical.

For more on how this whole thing got started, check One Thing Leads to Another, an early entry in the Jewelboxing weblog.

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