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Apple ships Air

January 31, 2008

Apple ships Air

Apple has begun shipping its skinny MacBook Air laptop, a product that’s managed to generate more controversy than even the iPhone has.

Apple MacBook AirApple’s MacBook Air: slim…

The notebook is between 4mm and 19mm thick. It has a length of 32cm, a width of 22.7cm and weighs in at just 1.36kg. It has an LED-backlit 13.3in display and a full-size keyboard. The Air comes with a choice of 1.6GHz or 1.8GHz Core 2 Duo processor. For storage, it packs a 4200rpm, 1.8in 80GB HDD, though a rather pricier 64GB solid-state drive is also available.

There’s no on-board optical drive, but that doesn’t appear to have bothered many folk. What gets the goat of a fair few Register Hardware readers is the lack of portage, in particular an Ethernet socket, though Air owners can buy dongle that clips into the machine’s USB port and provides an Ethernet port.

But then there’s no other USB port to plug a mouse or a memory key into. In addition to the solitary USB port, there’s a headphone socket and a mini-DVI port to drive an external monitor.

Apple’s pitch is that the Air’s first and foremost a wireless device – it has 802.11n Wi-Fi and Bluetooth 2.1 with Extended Data Rate (EDR) technology on board. The machine comes with software that allows any Mac running OS X 10.4.10 or above, or a PC with Windows XP or Vista, to ‘lend’ the Air is optical drive over the airwaves for software installation – but not media playback, it seems.

Apple MacBook Air…very slim

The other irritation most commentators cite – well, apart from the whole Apple hyperbole thing, which probably pisses more people off than the hardwar does – is the lack of a user-removable battery. That’s a worry given Apple’s record on battery replacement programmes and issues over the last couple of years.

Still, early looks at the Air have revealed replacing the battery’s just a matter of unscrewing the laptop’s base and pulling out the power cell. We reckon it won’t be long before cheap third-party alternatives hit the market.

But that’s still not going to be much use to folk who like to travel with multiple batteries to extend the away-from-the-mains life of their machines.

The 1.6GHz, 80GB Air costs £1199 in the UK and $1799 in the US. The 1.8GHz, 64GB SSD model costs £2028/$3098.



January 29, 2008

Interesting take on hansil and gretal ?!!


Apple Mac – I want one …

January 29, 2008

Hmmmmm… After searching ebay and looking at the “come here for the cheapest offer ever” websites … i have finally decided i wanna buy a Mac … after years of slating the bloody things – saying PC’s are much better than Mac for this and that reason … i have to bow to defeat.

However, i still have a gripe with Mac’s – why the fook are they so expensive.. ? It is something that has been troubling me for a while. So i looked into building one myself – a PC is a PC right – so just put a different operating system on it – and Woallah!!

HAHA – If only it was that easy – the nice jump from using crappy old chips to the shiny Intel ones was a breakthrough for anyone who wanted to dual boot without having to run something crappy like bootcamp …. But OS lepord has opened up a whole new can or fun sized WORMS!!

While it was always possible (although costly and time consuming) to cobble together a PowerPC Mac from old and new parts, hardly anyone did it. Now that Apple has introduced OS X for Intel processors, however, it’s conceivable that you could soon be building your own Mac from scratch.

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The Origami Resolution

January 29, 2008

Goliath Beetle, robert j. lang origamiGoliath Beetle, robert j. lang origamiSince childhood Dr. Robert Lang has practiced origami. It was the convergence of his intensely creative mind and this ancient Japanese tradition that gave rise to his unique style of origami, which he developed into a renewed art and ultimately a science of practical application.

His intricate paper insect creations were a departure from the standard boats and cranes that have long been the tradition of origami. Over time his works grew more complex, featuring hundreds of folds and multiple pieces of paper, such as a full-scale cuckoo clock. Between his efforts to earn a PhD in applied physics, his job at NASA’s Jet Propulsion laboratory, his eighty technical papers, and his forty-six patents in optoelectronics and lasers, he somehow found time to implement and evolve a number of original origami designs. Read the rest of this entry ?


Mutant Killer Seaweed of Doom

January 29, 2008

Caulerpa TaxifoliaBack in the early 1980’s, the Wilhelmina Zoo in Stuttgart was looking into various types of seaweed for use in their aquarium displays. They settled on a species known as Caulerpa taxifolia, since its bright green, feathery fern-like fronds were quite pretty, and it was both hardy and fast-growing. In addition, it produces chemicals that make it taste awful to marine animals, so it wouldn’t get eaten.

By repeatedly subjecting specimens to harsh aquarium conditions and selecting the ones that survived the best, researchers developed Caulerpa taxifolia (Vahl) C. Agandh, a new-and-improved, genetically distinct strain which was particularly hardy and fast-growing. This variety was ideal for their purposes and it was shared with other museums and aquariums. For a time, all was well and good in the world of marine botany. In 1984, however, a square meter patch of this new variety of Caulerpa was found in the Mediterranean off the shore of Monaco, right outside the Oceanographic Museum.

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Mobyko …

January 28, 2008
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January 26, 2008

Places in Germany that start with Schöf


Name What Region Country Lat Long Elev Ft. Pop Est
Schöfbach city Land Bayern Germany 48.4833333 12.7666667 1538 8992
Schöfbach city Land Bayern Germany 48.5666667 13.2333333 1453 11852
Schöffau city Land Bayern Germany 47.7166667 11.0833333 2398 10913
Schöffau city Land Bayern Germany 48.4 13.2333333 1187 11873
Schöffelding city Land Bayern Germany 48.0666667 10.9833333 2083 12450
Schöffengrund city Land Hessen Germany 50.5 8.5 935 24384
Schöffleiten city Land Bayern Germany 47.8666667 11.8666667 2109 12060
Schöfweg city Land Bayern Germany 48.8333333 13.2333333 2565 10144

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